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Matthew 9:38: Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.

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Our Pastors

TT Ferede

Pastor Teshome is currently pastoring a church in the area of Alberton Gauteng,The work of God is growing mightly,he is also the Chairman of the ACIFSA and has the desire to spread the Gospel as far as crossing the borders.

Teklemariam Gezahagne
International Chairman

Teklemariam Gezahagne and Sis. Mary

For a careful observer of the Apostolic spiritual revival taking place across the ancestral land of Ethiopia at the close of the second millennium of the Christian era, there is a remarkable uniqueness of God’s sovereign timing coupled with yielded lives to become instrumental in the work of His kingdom.

One such life is Teklemariam Gezahagne, born in 1937 to a family of farmers in Nebelet, Ethiopia. From the early days of his outstanding ministry which shines out as a spiritual pioneer, the Bible prophecies mentioning the land of Ethiopia considered by many historians in the past as an island of Christian faith are still a vibrant note in his soul and mind.

For this man, the claims of Christ and the assertions of His apostles as to His Deity and Godhead could not find their match in the Trinitarian seminaries he attended. But the God of the prophets and the apostles had a plan for His chosen vessel. When the Lord, in His grace, spoke to His thirsting servant saying clearly: “Peter is saved, Paul is saved, the apostles are saved, the way that brought them to salvation shall also lead you to eternal life...”, it was an open door for an unprecedented harvest of souls into the kingdom, for the glory of God.

It didn’t take much time before another revelation come to him - the baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. He saw Christ in a vision as he was contemplating this truth. His experience of being literally “swallowed up” in his vision into the body of Christ left him trembling, but was a tremendous confirmation and powerful illustration of the biblical truth found in Galatians 3:27.

Since 1966, Bishop Teklemariam Gezehagne has been spreading the Bible writers’ doctrine in Ethiopia and today over two million souls are baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with the Holy Ghost.




Wayne Coetzee

Pastor W. Coetzee leads the Church in Pretoria

CJ Fish
National Prayer Co-ordinator

Pastor Cyricus fascilitates prayer throughout the country via cellphone sms,this has become a helpline if not a lifeline,where Jesus is moving by His Spirit as people call upon His name so that prayer requests are answered.He pastors in The Alberton church under the leadership of Pastor TT Ferede.

JB Fish

Pastor Fish has been in the ministry for over 30 years,he ministers in the areas of the Northern Cape.He currently pastors a church in Kimberly.

O Matsane

D Moodley

MP Moodley

Rodney Pillay

Pastor R. Pillay leads the Church in Phoenix

B Reed

Pastor Reed is ministering in Cape Town with great zeal and love for Christ.

Zunaid Subjee

Pastor Zunaid pastors in Pietermaritzburg,doing a great work of ministry with a growing church.

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